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FitGrid Smart Segments
Client Feedback Surveys For Owners
Why can’t I edit existing instructor emails and phone numbers?
Notifications for FitGrid Class App
How To Find Your MINDBODY Studio ID?
Client Outreach
What is the Difference Between Owners, Managers, and Front Desk Staff Settings within FitGrid Studio?
Activating Your Win-back Emails
Setting Up Your Win-back Templates, Timeframes, and Offers
Setting up your default sender
Known Issue: Sender Name
Why Win-backs Are Every Successful Studio Owner's Secret Weapon
FitGrid Studio Video Tutorials
Setting up your win-back instructors
Setting Instructor Pay-Rate
How to Activate New Instructors
Introducing FitGrid to your staff
Best Practices: Increasing Instructor Usage
What does an instructor welcome email look like?
Driving Higher 1st Time Client Returns