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Being able to understand what messages have been sent to a client, from which member of your staff, and when, is important for a number of reasons:

  • So you're not over-communicating

  • So you're not under-communicating

  • To see what instructors are saying in their follow-ups

  • To see what client replies are coming in

The total volume of messages exchanged is also helpful to get a quick sense of total communication volume through FitGrid's communications tools.

Communications History

Communications history lists messages that have been sent from, or on behalf of your studio, though 3 core FitGrid communication tools:

Client Outreach

Client Outreach is a key feature on your FitGrid Studio dashboard that helps you gather a better understanding of who your clients are, and which clients you should be communicating with, while also working to build a stronger connection with your community. It removes the “guess-work” and provides a clear action plan so you know what to do each day. This article will be your guide to exploring all of what Client Outreach has to offer.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback feature allows you to track the comments and rankings clients submit about specific classes and instructors. Surveys go out to clients immediately after class and clients will be prompted to rank their experience with the instructor on a scale of 1 to 10 with the option to leave additional feedback. These ratings can then feed directly into the FitGrd Pro app so instructors have a real-time understanding of they are being perceived.

FitGrid Pro Instructor App

FitGrid Pro gives your instructors the tools they need to engage with clients, encourage return visits, and increase studio loyalty. It has real-time instructor feedback from clients, it allows instructors to send follow-up messages, customize classes based on attendee overviews, and see task lists of important clients attending class. FitGrid Pro helps create deeper connections with clients through instructor engagement resulting in retention increases.

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