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Client Feedback Surveys For Owners
Client Feedback Surveys For Owners

Client Feedback allows you to track the comments and rankings clients submit about specific classes and instructors.

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 1.  Overview
 2. Getting Started
        Owners & Managers
 3. Your Client Feedback Dashboard
 4. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Overview

The Client Feedback feature on the FitGrid Studio Dashboard allows you to track the comments and rankings clients submit about specific classes and instructors. This article will explore all the elements within Client Feedback.

2. Getting Started

Owners & Managers:

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the main Settings Gear on your FitGrid Studio Dashboard

  2. Click “Client Feedback”

  3. Click the “Activate Client Feedback” button

  4. Switch on “Feedback Enabled”* per instructor 

  5. Switch on “Can See Feedback”* per instructor

Click “Apply Instructor Settings” to save. 

*Feedback Enabled: Choose which instructors you want to have client feedback on. If this option is not enabled, the instructor will not be reviewed by your clients.

*Can See Feedback: This allows instructors to see their clients’ feedback within their FitGrid Pro app.


  • Instructors will receive an email announcing that this feature has been turned on and how it works.

  • Instructors are only able to view written feedback from their clients, not the 1-10 scores. 

Below are the steps instructors will take to view their feedback:

  1. When on the FitGrid Pro app, there will be an option to click “Client Feedback: __ new messages” to see the client responses

  2. Once there, instructors can sort through the new messages, or click “Show already read” to revisit older messages


  • Instructor surveys go out to clients immediately after class. They will be prompted to rank their experience with the instructor on a scale of 1 to 10 with the option to leave additional feedback.

  • Clients are invited to complete a survey once every 3 months per enabled instructor whose class they attend. 

3. Your Client Feedback Dashboard

Name: This is your client’s profile picture and name. Underneath is the date and time their feedback was received. 

Score: This is a score out of 10 that the client gave the instructor/class they attended.

Feedback: This is where you will see the feedback (if any) that the client left. Click on the preview to see the full message.

Instructor: Here you will find the name of the instructor along with the class and class time associated with the rating.

Settings: This will take you to the Client Feedback permission controls.

This is the full list of your activated FitGrid instructors. Click ENABLE CLIENT FEEDBACK for a brief tutorial on how to set permissions for your instructors.

Location: If you have more than one location, you can activate the same instructors across all locations or can select specific locations where they will be active. 

Turning Off Client Feedback: If for whatever reason you would like to disable the Client Feedback feature, click the ‘Deactivate Client Feedback' button at the top of your settings page.

Statistics Bar: Here you will find a summary of survey responses from the last six months.

  • Average Rating: The average score for all instructors at your studio.

  • Ratings Given: The total number of surveys completed.

  • Comments: The total number of comments received.

Instructor Statistics: Go to the Instructor Search bar and type in the name of the instructor you would like to view. The bar will show the instructor’s statistics and average rating*.

  • Average Rating: The average rating for the selected instructor.

  • Ratings Given: The total number of surveys completed for the selected instructor.

  • Comments: The total number of comments written about the selected instructor.

* In-depth instructor feedback can be found under Instructor Reports.

Search Bar: This is where you can search for specific instructors to see their average scores and feedback.

Filters: Click this to filter and view specific survey responses.

  • By Date Range: Select a specific date range of client feedback that you would like to see.

  • By ClassPass: Show only client feedback from clients using ClassPass.

  • By First Time Clients: Show only client feedback from first time clients.

  • Clear Filters: Tap this button to clear selected filters and restore to default settings.

  • Apply Filters: Select this button to show the narrowed down survey responses on your dashboard.

Instructor Benchmarks: This tab lists average scores for all of your enabled studio instructors for the last 30 days.


  • Clients: Clients submitting survey responses at ratings of 6 or below will be required to leave a comment.

  • Owners:  You will receive email notifications when survey responses are submitted at ratings of 6 or below.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Client Feedback Surveys?

A: One of FitGrid’s features, Client Feedback Surveys, gives your clients the opportunity to review your instructors and provide direct feedback on their class experience, giving you the advantage of deeper insight into your community.

Unlike other survey programs, FitGrid Client Feedback Surveys give you and your instructors feedback directly from clients they have in class. This helps to better evaluate each instructor’s performance and provides them with constructive advice as to how they can further improve the client experience. 

Q: How often are clients sent requests for ranking/reviews?

A: Clients will be emailed a survey after class every 3 months, inviting them to rate their instructor on a scale of 1-10 and leave real-time feedback. For example, if a client takes a class from an instructor for 3 days in a row, they will only receive a survey after the first class, but if a client takes classes from two different instructors in one week, then they will receive two different surveys. Clients will never receive more than one survey in a 3 month time period, per instructor.

Q: What do owners and managers see?

A: As a FitGrid admin, you have direct access to view client feedback, client profiles, and instructor ratings.

Q: What do instructors see?

A: You can allow instructors to receive anonymous client feedback directly through their FitGrid Pro App. This feature is customizable per instructor in a few different ways. You can initiate the feedback surveys from clients for any or all instructors, and you can also activate any or all instructors to have access to view that feedback. This can be updated in your settings.

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