Client Outreach

Now you and your staff can know exactly how to move the business forward, every day, with a personal touch.

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1. Overview

Client Outreach removes the guesswork about which clients to contact and provides a clear action plan so you know what to do each day.

2. Configuration: Invite Staff to Use Client Outreach

a) Visit Settings > Client Outreach

b) Invite your staff by clicking "add new staff member"

Access Level

  • Managers are able to access all of FitGrid Studio including other features and settings

  • Front-Desk Staff are only able to access the Client Outreach feature

3. Configuration: Pricing Options

a) Visit Settings > Client Outreach > Edit Intro Offers (button)

b) Select your studio’s introductory offers (see example below)

c) Click "Confirm" when complete

d) Visit Settings > Client Outreach > Edit Recurring (button)

e) b) Select your studio’s recurring/autopay/membership pricing options

f) Tap “Confirm” when finished.

g) Tap "Continue" when prompted.

Note: If the membership you’re looking for is not visible in the dropdown menu, swipe to the bottom of the menu, and tap “Re-pull pricing options from the booking/billing platform” to refresh pricing options.

4. Usage: Client Segments

Client Outreach organizes your clients into segments which allows you to send specifically catered emails. A client can fall into a segment at most once every 4 weeks.

Segment Categories

  1. Up for Conversion

  2. Third-Party Clients

  3. Milestone Clients

  4. Trending Clients

  5. At-Risk Clients

Up for Conversion

  • Intro Offer Expiration Date Coming

    • Clients whose Intro Offer expiration date is approaching

  • Classes In Intro Offer Almost Finished

    • Clients whose Intro Offer number of sessions are almost finished

  • Intro Offer New And Visited Once

    • Clients who are visiting for the first time under an Intro Offer

  • New Studio Client

    • New studio client who just visited for the 1st time.

Third-Party Clients

  • ClassPass High Frequency

    • Clients who frequently book classes at your studio using ClassPass.

  • ClassPass General

    • Clients who occasionally book classes at your studio using ClassPass

Milestone Clients

  • 5 Class Milestone

    • Clients who have made it to 5 classes in the studio.

  • 10 Class Milestone

    • Clients who have made it to 10 classes in the studio

  • 25 Class Milestone

    • Clients who have made it to 25 classes in the studio

  • 50 Class Milestone

    • Clients who have made it to 50 classes in the studio

Trending Clients

  • High Utilization:

    • Clients whose visits are 20% above average at your studio.

  • Highest Attendance

    • Top 20% of your client population with the most visits over a 30-day period.

  • Highest Spend:

    • Top 20% of your client population who have recently spent the most money on classes at your studio over a rolling 30 day period.

  • Increasing Frequency:

    • Clients whose visits recently increased compared to the previous month

  • General User:

    • Clients who don't fall into a special segment.

At-Risk Clients

  • Classes In Package Almost Finished:

    • Clients who have almost used up all of the sessions in their package

  • Package Expiration Date Coming:

    • Clients whose package expiration date is approaching.

  • Decreasing Frequency:

    • Clients whose number of visits to your studio have recently declined compared to the previous month.

  • Low Utilization:

    • Clients with memberships or packages whose visits are 50% lower than the average number of visits at your studio.

5. Usage: Client Overview

Client overview provides a brief overview the client demographics, their visit and communication history at your studio, and what segment they fall under.

Client Information

  • Demographic Information: Includes name and photo (if available), also:

    • Time at Studio

    • Birthday

    • Gender

    • Age

  • Segment Name: The name of the segment they are in.

Email Client Tab

  • Email Template

    • This is where you will write a message to your client. The fields Subject and Body are customizable templates based on the segment your client falls under. When finished viewing the client profile, click Send Email.

Client History Tab

  • Explanation:

    • Description of the logic behind why a specific user is placed into a segment

  • 6-Month Visit History:

    • Break down of visit-volume to the studio and the pricing option used

  • Instructor Visits (over all-time):

    • This is a descending list of the total visits to instructors at the studio.

Communication History Tab

  • Communication history

    • List of all previous FitGrid-enabled communications sent to the client

6. Usage: Messages & Templates

FitGrid makes messaging your clients easy by providing you with email template suggestions that align with the segment each client falls into. Below is a sample message for an “Increasing Frequency” client.

7. Disabling Client Outreach

If, for whichever reason, you would like to disable the Client Outreach feature, click on the Settings gear located next to Today’s Action Items. Then in the top right corner click Disable Client Outreach.


Segments organize your clients into categories and allow you to send emails specifically catered to them. A client can fall into one segment, multiple segments, or none at all. If a client is in multiple segments, they would only appear in Client Outreach once every 4 weeks to prevent over-communicating. Segments are on a rolling 60 day period, so a client’s category could be different as time goes by. Below are the segments that the majority of clients tend to fall under:

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