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How to Prep For Your Live-Stream Class
How to Prep For Your Live-Stream Class

Key tips to help you prep for your first live-stream class

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Ahead of your first live-stream class. Make sure you have downloaded the Zoom App and tested your live-stream quality.

Here are a few things to note as you prep for your live-stream class:

  • Your clients will be able to sign up for your streamed class through MINDBODY and will receive a unique Zoom link approximately thirty minutes ahead of class.

  • You will also receive a link thirty minutes before class in your email

  • Remember to turn on your device’s audio and microphone before you begin class. Your class will begin when you click on the link (please note that it begins with your camera on, so make sure you’re ready for action).

  • If you would like to view your class attendees click on the “Gallery View” located on the top right of your zoom screen.

  • Your clients will also have the option to “Chat” with you during the session, so be sure to check periodically for questions!


Here are some helpful Zoom articles and videos to help you get started.

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