How to Test a Live-stream

Test your live-stream class ahead of your first real class.

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We recommend that you test Zoom ahead of your first live-stream class – you will want to experiment with doing a live-stream with a camera through your desktop computer, phone, and/or laptop. Ahead of testing, make sure you have downloaded and set up a free Zoom account.

  • Stabilize your device with a tripod – or a stack of books in a pinch

  • Set up the device

  • Some of you may wish to use a Bluetooth headset, AirPods, or some other form of wireless headphones

Starting the live-stream:

  1. Log in to your zoom account

  2. Go to Host A Meeting (top of the screen) and select With Video On

  3. Click on Open

  4. Select Join with computer audio

  5. You should see yourself (assuming you have a camera on your computer/phone)

  6. If you’re on your computer there is a little “i” at the top left of the screen. Click on that. You want to find your Meeting ID

  7. Copy that Meeting ID and send it to whoever is going to be your pretend client so they can see how the sound comes through

On your pretend client’s phone (or computer):

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Join (top of the screen)

  3. Enter the Meeting ID

  4. You should be able to see the video

  5. Take the pretend-client phone some distance from your broadcast phone and see if the sound and audio go through well enough

All look and sound good? Next, go to Step Three: How to Prep for Your Live-stream Class

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