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Feature Overview: Instructor Follow-ups
Feature Overview: Instructor Follow-ups

How sending follow-up messages through the instructor app works

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The FitGrid Pro app enables your instructors to recognize and build bonds with clients by sending them personalized email messages after they attend class.

Here's how it works:

  1. You control how often your instructors can reach out to clients.
    As your studio's FitGrid administrator, you set the milestones that allow a follow-up to be sent (such as after their 1st visit to that instructor, 3rd visit, 5th visit, etc).

  2. You choose which instructors to invite.
    24 hours later, they receive an invitation email prompting them to download the app and create an account.

  3. Each instructor creates a handful of customized message templates.
    Don't worry; they'll be able to customize these for individual students or classes later!

  4. After each class, the app calculates which clients should receive a message.
    This calculation is based on the milestones you set in Step 1.

  5. Instructors send follow-ups to some or all of their list.
    Their templates will be instantly available to send, but with just a few more taps they can uniquely customize each message.

  6. Clients receive follow-ups in their email inbox.
    In the "from" field, the instructor's name will be displayed. This touch causes the email to feel more personal, which increases the chances that it'll be opened and read.

  7. The client can reply to the email and have a conversation with the instructor.
    The reply will be routed through FitGrid and show up in the instructor's email inbox. The instructor can also reply, and again the message will be routed through FitGrid before going to the client. This allows the instructor and client to have a conversation while keeping their personal email addresses private.

Why use this feature?

  • Your clients really want to connect with your instructors.
    As of this writing, the open rate of these follow-up messages is 73.2%, and fewer than 1 out of every 25,000 messages is marked as spam (that's really, really good)!

  • Clients who receive follow-ups are more likely to come back to your studio.
    Our research demonstrates that clients who receive a follow-up after their first visit to a studio are between 20% and 50% more likely to return.

  • Clients who receive follow-ups spend more than those who don't.
    Across every studio using FitGrid, clients who have received a follow-up after their first visit to a studio spend an average of 87% more over the next 90 days than those who do not.

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