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Connect your Community to Increase Retention
Connect your Community to Increase Retention

Connected clients visit more often

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Research shows that clients who are connected to one or more of their classmates in Class App attend 66% more often than those who don’t.

Statistically, clients are more likely to come back the more connected they are to the other people around them, such as their classmates, your instructors and front desk staff. So let’s connect your community!

How? It’s simple:

  1. Copy this link to your clipboard:

  2. Create an email or SMS campaign and share it with your community

  3. Embed in all outbound communications (signature line or email footer, for example)

When clients click the link, they are brought to a screen in Class App that displays other people at your studio they have taken class with in the past - allowing an opportunity for them to connect and become “friends” in the app.

Tips - Follow these suggestions to help increase connections:


  • “Join the [studio name] community! Click here to connect with your classmates.”

  • “Want to connect with other clients in your upcoming class? Click here”


  • Include in the signature line of your email address

  • Highlight the link in a newsletter or email campaign

  • Ask instructors to add to their follow-up message template

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