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How to use Visits data
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Most Recent Segment

FitGrid's algorithm analyzes visit behavior and for some clients, will display a segment associated with their recent attendance. It's an extremely powerful feature for understanding a clients visit behavior.

Missing, old or inaccurate Segments?

Segments are generated for users on Gold plan levels. If segments are not visible to you, please upgrade to our Gold plan level. If segments appear old/ or inaccurate, it's because they were generated when Gold was last active on your account, or during the 30 day trial period of our software.

Visit Settings > Plans to activate

Here are a few sample segments:

  • Decreasing Frequency - A client is coming less and less over time

  • High Frequency - A client is consistently visiting frequently over time

  • Low Utilization - A client has consistent but infrequently visits over time

  • 10 Class Milestone - A client recently passed the 10 class milestone

  • Intro Offer Expiring - A client's intro offer is almost expired

Using Segment Data

Segments can help you tailor messages to clients so that relevant and well-timed messages can be sent. Here are a few example messages:

Decreasing Frequency

Hey John -

I noticed that you're favorite instructor is Sally and your favorite class is Yoga 101 on Saturday's at 10am, but you're not yet registered. Should I go ahead and add your name to the roster? Happy to take care of the details just let me know.

- Studio

High Attendance

Hey Sarah -

We noticed that you took 20 classes in 30 days. Amazing! We were wondering if you'd be interested in joining our Ambassador program? It has lots of perks including guest passes to give to friends/family and all kinds of free merchandise.
โ€‹Let us know!

- Studio

Intro Offer Expiring

Hey Steve -
โ€‹Looks like your introductory trial is coming to an end, but it's impressive to see how many times you visited the studio over the last month. Based on your visits, we'd recommend picking up a premium membership and if you do before next Thursday, it's 25% off. Let us know!

- Studio

Visual Visit History

Our visual visit history graph illustrates recent visits to your studio. Each clickable dot represents a visit and contains the class name, instructor name and pricing option used to pay for it. It's an easy way to quickly gauge recent attendance behavior.

Recent Attendance

Recent attendance values help illustrate how well a user is performing against their stated Workout Goals. This information can be used to help craft messages to clients who are both underperforming their goals and exceeding them.

Hey Susan -

We're really proud of you. 16 visits a month is an ambitious goal and we love people with ambition! Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and things happen. You were close! I see you 4 most attended classes each week here in the system, want me to book you into all 4 next week?

- Studio

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