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FitGrid LIVE Class Details and Links
FitGrid LIVE Class Details and Links

Get access links for each client in class, as well as the instructor

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Please Note: If you don't see these buttons, please logout and login again.
Gain direct access to each class roster inside your FitGrid LIVE settings page, and be able to share unique links with anyone who may have missed the email. To begin, click "Details" next to any upcoming class.

This will launch a popup window with a number of class details shown below.

Class Name, Time and Instructor

At the top of this section you will find information about the class, and the instructor, including their name, email address and status of any messages they've received. 30 minutes before class is set to begin a link will appear.

Public URL

In the next section you'll find a public link that you can send to anyone.ย 

Client Details and Unique Class Links

In this section you'll see all clients pre-registered for class along side their email address, the emails they have received about class, and the unique link we emailed them, in the event they didn't receive it, so you may share it.

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