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Feature Overview: Live Streaming
Feature Overview: Live Streaming

How to integrate FitGrid with Zoom so you can stream your classes in real time

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The FitGrid LIVE feature enables you to create a bridge between MINDBODY and the conferencing software Zoom, so that your clients can use MINDBODY to book and pay for spaces in virtual classrooms.

Here's how it works:

  1. You control which classes have streaming enabled.You could enable any class, or just one or two.

  2. Clients sign up for your streaming classes using MINDBODY.Because MINDBODY handles the schedule, the pricing, and the rosters, you can set up your classes any way you want, and your clients have a checkout experience they already know.

  3. FitGrid generates virtual classrooms automatically in Zoom.These are pushed into Zoom about an hour before the class is scheduled to begin. 

  4. FitGrid sends links to these virtual classrooms via email.The instructor and the roster of clients all get their own unique links.

  5. The instructor clicks their link on any device to start streaming audio and video.If they don't already have the Zoom application on their device, it'll download automatically.

  6. Clients click their link on any device to enter the virtual classroom and enjoy class from anywhere!If the instructor hasn't entered the classroom yet, they'll hang out in a waiting room until the instructor begins the stream.

Why use this feature?

  • If your physical studio is closed due to COVID-19, this allows you to maintain your largest revenue stream.Your clients want to maintain their routines and keep you in business, and by providing them with remote options, you can help everyone get what they want!

  • You can compete with new technology platforms offering remote classes.Clients demand flexibility–but they also want authentic connection. By adding live streaming, you can offer both.

How to get started:

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