Testing your live-stream setup
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To test this feature do the following:

  • Set up a class within the next 30 minutes with an instructor and a client that you control (e.g. if it’s 12:22 then set up a class for any time between 12:32 and 12:52pm)

  • Why? Because the links that go to the instructor to begin the meeting are only sent within 30 minutes of the meeting’s start time (this is a Zoom restriction)

  • Classes that are set up within 3 hours of the class time update on the half hour (e.g. :00 and :30) … so if you set up the class at 12:22, then you would have to wait until 12:30 - maybe a few minutes later so the system has time to update - in order to see the class in FitGrid

  • “Zoom Enable” that class

  • Email notifications will go out to clients and instructors within a few minutes

  • Click on the link in the instructor email to start the class

  • Click on the link in the client email to join the class

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