When do clients get the a live stream confirmation? 

Clients will get emails confirming they are able to do a live stream of a class at the time they reserve the class.

Clients will get emails with the live stream links roughly an hour before the class (it may take a few minutes for the emails to get to them).  

Instructors receive the email with their live stream hosting link roughly 30 minutes before class is set to begin and may click it anytime to start setting up (again, it may take a few minutes to get to them).

What if my clients or instructors don't seem to be getting the emails? 

First thing is to have them check their alternate folders (e.g. spam, junk, promotions).  I

When does my Start Meeting button appear as a Studio Owner?

This appears roughly 30 minutes before class (again, it may take a few minutes to show up).  Anytime after the button appears you can go in and start setting up.

Sign In Information

With regards to signing in clients who attend class and marking them present in MB - in a few days we anticipate having the ability to automatically sign them in when they click on their Zoom link.  

For now, we recommend two options:

  • The instructor can click on “Manage Participants” in Zoom and see a list of all attendees.  They can screen shot that list and send to the owner/desk staff/front desk person, etc. to check them into class

  • You can invite your owner/ desk staff/front desk person to class and they can click on “Participants” and check people in

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