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How to Use FitGrid to Live-stream Your Classes Super Simply
How to Use FitGrid to Live-stream Your Classes Super Simply
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At FitGrid we’ve been heads-down creating a solution that integrates your studio with Zoom (a video platform) so you can: 

  • Live-stream from anywhere (your studio or inside your home)

  • Automatically create unique live-stream links to any class, and send confirmation emails with those links to clients when they book

  • Keep your clients coming back during this period and keep our community connected.

Here’s everything you need to get started!


To get started you first have to download Zoom, an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, and set up a free account.  Complete steps 1-6 to give Zoom a test run.

  1. Go to if you plan to live-stream from your computer

  2. Download the Zoom app from the App Store or Google Play if you plan to stream from your phone

  3. Sign up for a free account by entering your work email address and selecting a password

  4. Skip the screen that asks you to invite colleagues

  5. You now have a free Basic account

  6. Go to “My Account”

  7. Go to the next page: Step 2: Test A Live-Stream

Note: We know that this is not the Hollywood video production everyone imagines for their studios, but remember that a) your clients will understand – they’re in the same situation – and most don’t need the fancy production; they just want the instructor, the method, and the sequencing and b) authentic is in (à la Tik Tok).  If you have concerns about audio or video quality with the tools we recommend, here’s an example of our awesome Client Services Lead, Jack, doing an impromptu live-stream from his apartment.

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