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Accessing streaming classes with FitGrid LIVE
Accessing streaming classes with FitGrid LIVE

How clients and instructors can access their sessions after signing up through MINDBODY

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What happens after a client signs up for a class in MINDBODY that has a live stream option?

  • FitGrid will send the client an email containing a unique link that'll give them access to the live stream.

  • This email will arrive within minutes if the class start time is approaching; if the client has signed up several hours before the class start time, their email may arrive a maximum of 60 minutes after booking.

  • If the client does not already have the Zoom application on their device, they'll be taken through a brief, step-by-step download process.

  • Should the client access the live stream before the instructor arrives, they'll be placed into a virtual waiting room until the instructor starts the stream.

What about the class's instructor?

  • 30 minutes before the class's scheduled start time, FitGrid will send the class's instructor an email containing a unique link that'll make them the "host" of the live stream.

  • If the instructor is changed at the last minute, the previous instructor will need to send the new instructor this unique link.

  • Each class's host link can also be accessed from within the FitGrid LIVE dashboard.

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