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FitGrid / Zoom Installation Guide
FitGrid / Zoom Installation Guide

How to connect FitGrid to Zoom and begin streaming classes

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Setting up a connection between FitGrid and Zoom is super-easy. Follow these steps and you'll be up and running in 5 minutes.
Important: FitGrid LIVE can only connect one MINDBODY account to one Zoom account. Trying to connect one Zoom account to multiple MINDBODY accounts or multiple Zoom accounts to one MINDBODY account will result in the integration's failure.

Step 1

Obtain a Zoom Pro account, set it up so that it integrates correctly with FitGrid, and sign in.

Step 2

Visit your FitGrid Studio Settings page and click on the Live-Stream icon.

Step 3

Click the Link to Zoom button.

This button will launch a screen that lists the permissions you are granting FitGrid. Click Authorize.

Step 4

Your setup is now complete! Return to FitGrid LIVE. On the screen below, you can toggle which classes you want to stream. After clicking the "Zoom Enabled" checkbox, make sure you press the "Save Sessions" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once a class is Zoom Enabled, FitGrid will automatically create a Zoom virtual classroom 60 minutes before that class is scheduled to begin.

Next, test your integration using this guide!

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