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Why can’t I edit existing instructor emails and phone numbers?
Why can’t I edit existing instructor emails and phone numbers?
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How can I edit/update existing instructor emails and phone numbers?

To update an instructor's contact information in FitGrid, all updates must be completed in the instructor's profile within your scheduling/POS platform. Once the update is made they will automatically sync to FitGrid at the next scheduled time.

Filling in missing emails and phone numbers in FitGrid:

We allow you to fill in the email and phone number for imported instructors that are missing either field. This is so you can activate them more easily and ensure they receive invite emails and important information regarding their account.

To add the missing information on the instructor page in settings, click on the "+phone" or "+email" button, add the missing information, click "save".

FitGrid does not push instructor record changes back to your scheduling/POS platform (although we may offer this feature in the future). If you do fill in a missing phone number or email in FitGrid, it will not be overwritten by any future pulls as long as the field remains empty in your scheduling/POS platform.

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