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Setting up your win-back instructors
Setting up your win-back instructors

Want to set-up win-back emails? First, you need to set up your win-back instructors

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If a client is eligible for a win-back email they will receive it from the instructor they visited the most. 

The first step of setting up your win-back emails is to select which instructors you want your win-back emails to come from. For more information, watch the brief video below.

1. Select all instructors you wish to send Win-back messages from

2. Click on Save and Continue to go to the next step.

Note: If that instructor they visit the most is not active the message will default to be delivered from the next most visited instructor. If none are active, the message will be sent from a default sender. If you would prefer win-back emails coming from a default sender leave all instructor unselected. 

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