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Why Win-backs Are Every Successful Studio Owner's Secret Weapon
Why Win-backs Are Every Successful Studio Owner's Secret Weapon

How can I win at win-backs?

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Obtaining a brand new client is around 5-25 times more expensive than keeping an existing one, according to Harvard Business Review. At FitGrid, we understand that. So we created the FitGrid win-backs feature to win back your long lost clients. Industry average open rates for messages coming from the studio are 10-20%. FitGrid win-backs have an average open rate of 50%, because similar to your FitGrid follow-up messages, win-backs come from the instructor and capture a unique subset of clients. The FitGrid win-backs feature can function in harmony with other automated messaging software and typically drives purchases that cover the cost of the software itself. That means you can’t afford not to use it.

What are Win-backs?

This FitGrid feature allows you to trigger automated messages to clients that have not visited your studio in a designated amount of time (lost accounts). Similar to our instructor follow-up messages, these messages are designed to look personalized and will appear to come from the instructor that the client visited most during their time at the studio.

Clients have the ability to respond to these messages as well, allowing instructors to reply and keep the conversation going. The ability to initiate a real, personal conversation between instructors and clients through follow-up and win-back messages is a feature unique to FitGrid, and has been proven to dramatically increase retention rates and a sense of community within studios.

Step 1: Select instructors you want your win-back emails to come from

If a client is eligible for a win-back email they will receive it from the instructor they visited the most.

Step 2: Designate your fallback sender

If a client is eligible for a win-back email, but the instructor they visited most is not activated or has not set-up their messages, then the message will come from the fallback sender.

Step 3: Set templates, timeframes & offers

Determine the timeframe for your win-backs (number of days since the client last visited), set default templates that your selected instructors can use as an example when crafting their personalized message, and add links that can include offers or a booking page.

Step 4: Activate Win-backs

Set your win-backs live, and your selected instructors will be notified to set up their templates in their FitGrid Pro App.

To start sending win-back emails, review the articles below to get set up!

If you have questions or want assistance with set-up, email us at

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