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Known Issue: Sender Name
Known Issue: Sender Name is associating the wrong person with the message being sent or replied to

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Have you received a complaint from a client that they received a follow up from INSTRUCTOR A, but then tried to reply and all of a sudden they are replying to INSTRUCTOR B? This is a known issue.

What's happening?

FitGrid uses as the backbone behind our outbound messages from all instructors, just like MINDBODY uses as the backbone behind outbound messages from businesses.

We both add the appropriate sender name to the email, depending on it's origin. For example, an email from an instructor might look like:

From MINDBODY, an email from a business might look like:

So what's the problem?

When customers take a class with Jane and get a follow up message their email program (either mobile, or desktop, or both) begin to associate Jane at Yoga Studio Name with

When the customer then takes a class with Samantha and chooses to reply, sometimes their email program will remember Jane's name instead of Samantha's. 

Ok, is there a fix?

Unfortunately there isn't an simple fix, but if a client wants to resolve the issue they can update the 'contact' in their email program with the name of their choosing. 

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