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Cheat Sheet: Which instructors inspire the most loyalty to my studio?
Cheat Sheet: Which instructors inspire the most loyalty to my studio?

Instructors who inspire loyalty to the studio

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Why do you care?

The instructors who inspire the greatest returns to your studio are those who bring new clients back to your studio at the highest rate.  You can create incentive programs to bonus instructors who achieve Studio Return Rates that you believe move the business.   You can also use these instructors in slots where you have the most new clients. 

Instructor Report Metric To Look At:

  • Studio Return Rate

  • Note: The Studio Return Rate looks at clients who were 1st-time-to-studio in the month BEFORE the report (so August in the example above) and who visited that particular instructor, and then finds the % of those people who returned within 30 days

  • For example, the 33% above means 33% of the 1st-time-to-studio clients who came in August, to that instructor, came back within 30 days to any instructor within the studio.  So someone who came in first on August 22 had until September 22 to return to be counted

What To Do:

  1. Look at your instructor reports

  2. Look at the Studio Return Rate metric

  3. You can either look at this monthly or look at it over time

  4. To review monthly simply look at the report

  5. To review over 3 months, for example, pull the reports for a 3 month period for a specific instructor.  Add the values together.  Then rank your instructors based on the 3 month total

  6. However, you do it, consider moving these instructors to timeslots where you have the most new clients

  7. Or consider bonusing your instructors based on driving this number higher.  For an example of a program that could be created to do this click here

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