Why do you care?

Some of your clients feel a deep connection to your instructors.  When instructors write messages to them, clients open them and respond.  These instructors are your mouthpieces.  The FitGrid Open Rate is just a proxy for how much clients listen when these instructors speak.  If clients listen via messaging, they listen in person.

Use these instructors to communicate new programs or to look for client ambassadors.  

In addition, over time, these instructors could be some of your stickiest instructors as this engagement will likely turn into significant return rates.

Instructor Report Metric: 

Instructors with high open rates (FitGrid Pro open rate)

What To Do:

  1. Look up Instructor Reports

  2. Look at the Open Rate

  3. Leverage these instructors to push messages to clients (e.g. looking for ambassadors for the studio, etc.)

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